What is Cranksgiving?


Cranksgiving is a charity event that benefits the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.  It's an alternative take on a traditional food drive that was originally started by bike messengers in New York City.  So we'll let them explain.  You can find out more about the origins here (www.cranksgiving.org)

I've never done a ride like this before? How does it work?
It's easy. You show up, you grab a manifest, you figure out the best route, and when we say "GO," you start. Make sure you've got a bag and a lock (and, preferably, a helmet), because you're going to need to lock up to run into grocery stores and a spot to stash the nonperishable food you buy.
Do I need to ride a fixed gear bike?
Not at all. Very few rides are "fixed-gear only."  Cranksgiving is definitely not one of them. You can ride any kind of bike you want. We often have tandems, tall bikes, choppers, and penny farthings...not to mention bikes with trailers to haul extra food.

How much does it cost to register?
It's free to register, but you'll need cash to buy food at the grocery stores. $10-$15 should suffice.  Top racers (those who buy the most food for the Foodbank and deliver it to The Bike Project in the least amount of time) win prizes donated from our sponsors at the after-party.  They often win back the value of the food they've purchased in the form of gear and/or gift certificates.

Can I register online?
No. Registration will only take place at the beginning of the race.