Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanks to our sponsors!!

I want to once again say thank you to our sponsors. Without the donations of our sponsors there is no way that this could have been half as successful as it was. I have linked to all of the sponsors in previous posts and I hope that all of you will check them out ( I know that I am jealous of so many of the awesome prizes that we gave out). So I am going to put up a few pictures that my wife and I took at the race so here goes...

Let the race begin...
Le Mans style start (yes that is a back to back recumbent tandem with a trailer attached)

Counting up points and collecting food...
The beginning of our food donations...
The food we collected (613 pounds)
First (right) and second (left) place

First out of town and skid winner
Footdown winner
World's First Flying Machine

So here are the results for the top 8 and the games winners and I will tally the rest later this weekend now that I have some free time.

1 - Stephanie Seiler
2 - Desiree Gualandri
3 - Josh Ritchey
4 - Fred Davidson
5 - Kyle French
5 - Lisa Hall
7 - Warren Montgomery
8 - Mike Pennington

Skid - Brent Levitt
Footdown - Stephen
Sprints - Andrew ??
Trackstand - Sean Laude

Thanks again to everyone who came out and thanks again to out generous sponsors

Yanco Pads
Granny Gear Cycling Caps
El Duke Degreaser
Wald Sports
Dirt Rag
Urban Velo
Specialty Imports

and most importantly the Bike Project of Urbana Champaign where the race started and the afterparty was held.

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Andy said...

Andrew Michalski (me) won the skid case you were wondering the last name. I'll be back next year to do it again!